Monday, March 4, 2013

Nails Inc Lucky Dip - Special Effects Shades

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So every once in a while Nails Inc release a Lucky Dip which changes price and amount of polish each time. You know how many polishes you are getting just not what colours. I absolutely love this concept as I love trying new colours and types of polishes and especially colours I would not normally pick myself. This time around Nails Inc launched 3 sets of Lucky Dips - Special Effects, Glossy and Metallics for £18 which had 7 polishes in each set. Of course I had to order all 3 being the addict that I am haha. Each set that you receive is different from anyone elses. This current Lucky Dip range is unavailable but I still wanted to share the shades I got as the individual shades should still be available.

So in this post I will be showing you the Special Effects Shades I received.

Neon Crackle Effect Polish - Camden Town
Glitter Crackle Effect - Farringdon Crackle Top Coat
Holographic Polish - Abbey Road
Matte - Gatwick
Magnetic Effect Polish - Kensington Palace
Magnetic Effect Polish - London Town
Special Effects - The Wyndham

Neon Crackle Effect Polish - Camden Town
I placed this over a dark grey base however the crackle didn't show up as well as it did over a different colour I didn't photograph so it can be hit and miss depending on the base polish. Will be a great colour for the summer though.

Glitter Crackle Effect - Farrington Crackle Top Coat
Again I placed this over the same grey polish as before. This crackle came out much clearer and is a gorgeous gold shimmer that could be a subtle or dramatic depending on the base colour used.

Holographic Polish - Abbey Road
I love holographic polishes so was delighted to see this in my parcel. I haven't tested the wear on this year but hopefully it doesn't "fade" like the Gosh version as that was it's one major downfall.

Matte - Gatwick.
I really enjoy matte polishes as it makes it more about the colour than the finish of the polish. Gatwick is a really unique red shade with orange / pink undertones.

Magnetic Effect Polish - Kensington Palace.
I find magnetic polishes to be very hit and miss based on their end design, however the Nails Inc ones I received are amazing - easy to use and a clear, visible design.

Magnetic Effect Polish - London Town.
Again this colour was equally as successful as the other shade, will get great use out of these when I fancy easy nail art.

Special Effects - The Wyndham.
I love top coats like this one. They are most effective over a black base as it offers a great contrast between the colours. It gives off a green / gold shimmer when the light hits it.

I love Nails Inc polishes. They offer amazing quality, colour choice and unique textures! However at £11 a bottle it can be an expensive habit which is why I love when they do Lucky Dips. Even if you only love two of the colours you receive then you have still saved money versus the RRP. I have found some of my all time favourite polishes through these offers! Would highly recommend them to any fellow nail polish addicts out there!

Check them out at and on twitter @nailsinc for updates and offers.

Thanks for reading

Jennifer x

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