Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Collective Haul Continued...

Hey everyone so I am back to show you the other bits I have picked up recently! I promise these posts will be much more organised in the future :D

First up is Dealz Letterkenny where I picked up 4x acrylic organisers (2 of each type), Apple Blast Pop Tarts, Travel Storage Bottles, Candle Lighter, Acetone, 2x Hair Foils (which are perfect for using when removing gel polish!!!) and 2 rings. Each item is only €1.49 each and the rings were 2 for €1.49! Absolute bargains and it is fast becoming a must stop shop for me!!!! Can't wait to go back and pick up some more bits from them!

While in Maynooth last week I popped in to Tiger which is another fav shop of mine!! I am so happy they have now opened in Sligo so I don't have to go to the other side of the country to check them out! I first came across this shop while visiting my friend in Luton about 3 years ago and have been obsessed with them since!
Nursery Tray €1 (going to use this for jewellery etc)
Mixing Palette €1 (perfect for mixing makeup or nail products)
Travel Bottles €2 (dinky little bottles for my freelance kit)
Diamond Magnets €3 (too cute to leave behind haha)
Mini Fold-back Clips €2 (for college work and business paperwork)
Chalkboard Stars 2 for €1 (just too cute)

While in Maynooth I went in to McCormacks Pharmacy after seeing them on Facebook! I picked up 2 more Sleek eyeshadow palettes and a blush palette, these were less than €10 each. I couldn't resist picking up one of the Chap Ice lip balms for €3.99 and finally got my hands on Montagne Jeunesse Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask which was €1.60 (see my review on this mask here ) This pharmacy also give 10% of with a valid Student Card which was an added bonus!

While in Tesco I picked up some coconut oil for €1.99 which is a great multi purpose product to always have to hand. The TRESemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Tonic I have wanted to try since I read about it on The Sunday Girl's blog so when I saw it down to €2.50 I snapped it up - my scalp can be very temperamental (probably from years of dying it every colour possible and the fact that I am prone to eczema) so I am really excited to try something that is specifically for your scalp. I also picked up the Norwegian Formula Nourishing Lipcare with Nordic Berry for €4.49. I had seen this is a recent Julia Graf video and thought I would give this scent a go as I have enjoyed previous products from this brand.

Boots Baby Zinc & Castor Oil cream €2.29 - anyone who knows me knows that my eyebrows just do not grow, I mean AT ALL!!! :( I went a bit tweezer happy in my teens when I had blonde hair on and off for a few years and those scarily thin brows were back in stock! I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I have shaped my eyebrows in the past 8 years! Therefore I am willing to try anything to make them grow back - hence this purchase! I remember this popping up on my Facebook newsfeed months ago and thinking I need to give that a go! I have started applying this every night before bed and will keep you posted on my findings - fingers crossed it works!!!!!

I caved and picked up this eyeshadow palette and highlighter from Catrice's latest collection, I got them in Pillbox Pharmacy Bundoran for €4.99 each after resisting them both for so long!!!

Lastly, while waiting for my brother in Tesco Maynooth I had a quick peek in the pharmacy next door (I will pop the name here if I can remember it!). They had loads of Essence and Catrice goodies reduced to clear so I picked up 2 of the Metal Glam eyeshadow singles for around €1.10 each and also............HALLELUJAH..... I finally found Essences' lipstick in shade #03 Come Naturally! Ever since trying this on in my friends house I have been searching the whole north west for it and it was sold out EVERYWHERE! Did I miss someone raving about it or something?? I actually nearly squealed when I finally laid eyes on it! This was full price at around €2.29. Can't wait to start wearing it (check out my Instagram page where I will probably post a pic soon of me wearing it).

So that is the end of all my recent purchases, if you would like a review of any of the items mentioned just leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

Jennifer x

(All items were purchased by me with my own money. No affiliate links were used in this post)

Mask Monday #1

Hey everyone!

So today is the first in my series of Mask Monday's where I will be doing mini reviews of various hair and face masks.

Today I used Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Deep Nourishing Intensive Mask for Dry / Damaged Hair with Hawaiian Coconut and Orchid Extracts. Less than €5. I have had this hair mask sitting in my stash unused for a while now and can no longer find it online (Boots or Superdrug) so I'm not sure if it's still available :( I first heard of this mask when I saw Miss Budget Beauty's glowing blog post about it waaaaay back in September 2012 and just had to pick it up! It then of course sat unloved in my bathroom cabinet like so many other products I own! It was actually one of the inspirations for starting this blog series haha! This mask smells AMAZING! Like a fruity, coconut infused sunshine holiday, perfect as a pick me on days like today when the weather is just horrible! I put this on all over my hair and then combed it through with a wide tooth comb before popping a shower cap on and leaving it for about 20 mins. It is a really thick white cream that spreads easily through the hair and rinses quite easily. My hair instantly felt soft and smooth afterwards and I am interested to see how it feels tomorrow (hoping it doesn't make my hair greasy)! Defo be using this mask again for an extra shot of moisture for my hair!

The face mask I chose was Montagne Jeunesse's Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask (Ultra Deep Cleansing Straight From The Sea) with Laver Seaweed and Sea Buckthorn. This was another Miss Budget Beauty  raved about product that I spent months trying to get my hands on, which I finally managed to track down in Mc Cormack's Pharmacy Maynooth for €1.60 while down there last week. I also spotted it on Makeup Savvy's blog today so was even more excited to rip it open! I smoothed it all over my face (avoiding my mouth and eye area) after I had put my hair mask on and then left of on the same length as the hair mask. When it came time to remove it, I gently lifted the edge around my chin and peeled it off. Some patches hadn't fully dried as I think I put it on slightly too thick on my cheeks but it easily washed away with a face cloth and warm water. The mask didn't pull at the hair around my hairline and eyebrows which was an added bonus as I wasn't planning on adding waxing to my pamper routine this evening haha. There was something so satisfying about peeling the mask off and I could even see little patches where it had pulled the gunk out of my pores on my nose (gross - but so satisfying to know my skin was really clean afterwards!) This mask left my skin super soft and smooth! I would highly recommend this mask if you want a gentle but deep cleanse! I will defo be picking up more of these (if I can find them again that is haha).

And no for the scary face and hair mask pic!

Brace yourselves....... it's not a pretty sight! :P

I told you!!!!!! Hahahaha

If there are any face or hair masks you would like to see me include in this series just drop me a comment below!

Thanks for reading!

Jennifer x

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Collective Haul

Hey everyone,

So I'm back today with a collective haul of some goodies I picked up lately! I will be posting in depth reviews of some of the products when I have had a chance to try them out.

First up I went to Superdrug in Letterkenny to check out their hair products as since I cut my hair I have been playing around with different styles! I may have gone slightly overboard haha.

Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Rockin' Blacks #97 Glam Rock Black:
I actually picked up 5 packs of this but I used 2 at the weekend. I wanted to try this colour a couple years ago but I could never find it in stores so when I saw it was on clearance for €1.98 a box I immediately grabbed 2 - HOWEVER, when I got to the till they scanned for 39c!!!!!!!! So of course I went back and cleared the shelves haha got enough to last me a few months now. Total bargain!
No longer available online but may still be in stores.

TRESemme Pro Shine Ultimate Volume Whip and Lasting Hold Fixing Spray. These are the limited edition XFactor packaging so were reduced to 95c each! I'm not sure if these are available in regular packaging or if the formula was limited edition too.
No longer available online but may still be in stores.

TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creating Sea Foam For Soft Waves. This is currently a third off in Superdrug so I picked it up for €4.70. I wanted to give it a go after watching Ingrid Nilsen's latest favs video in which she raved about this product (serious girl crush and hair envy for Ingrid at the mo haha). You can check out her video here .
Available on Superdrug's website .

Superdrug Metal Free Hair Bands in Black and Soft Touch Hair Grips in Brown. I picked up the hair grips after seeing Fleur DeForce mention them in her latest favourites video and liking the look of them. As I have such thick hair (and so much of it) I really struggle to find grips that actually stay in place so I am excited to give these a go. I also threw in a pack of Superdug's metal free hair bands as these are the only type I like to use as they don't get caught in your hair or pull it like the ones with metal can! Again hopefully they will work with my crazy hair!
Can only find the brown hair bands pack online .
Can only find the black hair grips pack online .

COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo in Rio an Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in New York. I am utterly OBSESSED with dry shampoo.....to me it is one of the greatest inventions ever (how sad am I haha)!! Batiste is my go to brand and I absolutely love it however sometimes it is nice to switch things up and so I decided to pick up these 2 from COLAB. It will be interesting to see if they come anywhere close to being as good as Batiste for me. These are currently 1/3 off in Superdrug so I got them for €3.80 for the volume one and €2.95 for the sheer one.
Extreme Volume Rio
Sheer Invisible New York

Colgate Max White One Optic Toothpaste with a free Tanya Burr Nail Polish. This was a great find as I am always on the hunt for whitening toothpastes that won't irritate my sensitive teeth so fingers crossed this will turn out to be one of those! Also I have really wanted to try some things from Tanya Burr's line so this was a win win situation! The toothpaste was €5.55 and the nail polish was free (worth €7.45) so total bargain! There were only 4 shades left to choose from but I feel in love with this pale blue called Little Duck! Can't wait to try these both out!
Colgate Max White One Optic
Tanya Burr Nail Polish Little Duck

Barry M Gelly High Shine Plumpy Topcoat. I picked this up for €3.85. It claims to make nails appear "plumper" and give a gel like finish to your polish. I am addicted to gel polish so it will be interesting to see if this lives up to its claims!
Barry M Plumpy

I finally got my hands on the famous NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk! So excited to try this out underneath some bright eyeshadows to see if it helps intensify the colour. I picked this up in Magees Pharmacy Letterkenny for around €6 or €7.

MUA LUXE Velvet Lip Lacquer in Kooky. I picked this up after seeing it in my friends stash and it just looked like such a fun colour! I have only tried this once and I am quite on the fence about it! I will do a full post on it soon with pictures etc to show how it wears. This is available from Superdrug and MUA online for £3.

Finally a couple of bits I picked up from Lannon Pharmacy Sligo - Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Vintage Romance €9.95, NYX HD Concealer in CW04 for around €7 and NYX Lip Liner Mauve for around €6.

PHEW.... that's the end of this collective haul and a quick over view of some bits I have picked up recently! If you would like an in depth review of any of these products then just leave me a comment below and let me know :D

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Jennifer x

(All items were purchased by me with my own money and no affiliate links are used)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Feb Favs 2015

Hey everyone,

So I'm back!!! It's been 2 years since I last successfully posted here and I have missed it so much! I have been having serious technology and wifi issues for the past couple years but have overcome part of this my "borrowing" my mum's macbook until I can get my own one sorted!

Anyway this post is having a look at the products I have been loving during the month of February!

FYI - This is a long post so you may want to grab a cuppa and a comfy seat ;)

As you can see I have quite a few favs for such a short month haha! I had a busy month as I started back at college after a 5 year break and started working part time in a local salon so I found myself reaching for a lot more products than normal!

First up is hair care :

Revlon Professional Equave Instant Beauty Keratin Enriched Hydro Nutritive Detangling Conditioner:
....... phew that's a long title! I just call it "Two-Phase"! This product has been a god send for me! Until 2 weeks ago my hair was 3/4 the way down my back and therefore a nightmare to wash and dry. There was never enough hot water in my emersion to rinse conditioner out of my hair so I started using this as a substitute after I got out of the shower. However since cutting almost 10 inches off my hair I still love this product! It makes brushing my hair easier, helps it dry quicker and smoother, and just helps it feel soft and healthy! This stuff also smells frickin' AMAZING - just so fresh and like you've just walked out of a hair salon! I cannot rave about this conditioner enough!
You can pick this up from Salon supply stores or hair salons.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Eden (Sugar Melon & Honeysuckle):
Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with dry shampoo and my all time fav brand is Batiste! With having hair as long and ridiculously thick as I had, dry shampoo was a god send as it was just impossible to wash my hair as often as it needed :( This was the latest scent I picked up and is a limited edition so I may have to go stock up on a few before they disappear from the shelves. This scent is just fresh and fruity and everything I love a scent to be!
You can pick this up from most pharmacies and supermarkets.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Big & Bouncy XXL Volume:
This has been sitting in a drawer for the longest time! Before I cut my hair I just never seemed to reach for this particular can of Batiste, however, now I love it! It is perfect for freshening up my hair and adding so volume without making me look like I have an afro! I will defo be picking up more of this when it runs out!
You can pick this up from most pharmacies and supermarkets.


nspa 4 step skincare system:
I picked this up while shopping in Asda in Enniskillen a while ago and kind of put it to one side for a while. Since starting to use it though I am really enjoying it! The set contains  Ultimate Cleansing Tonic, Hot Cloth Polish, Illuminating Beauty Serum and Brightening Day Cream. This set offers a quick and easy skincare routine in one and I believe it cost less than £10 for all 4 with a muslin cloth. My skin feels fresh, soft and hydrated after use. I think this is a brand that is easily overlooked but definitely worth checking out! I dunno if this particular set is still available however the items should be available individually.
You can pick up nspa from Asda stores.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5:
This is a total handbag staple for me! This multi tasking product can be used on face, lips, hands and body so is great to carry with me. As I suffer from eczema I find I am always having to moisturise various parts of me, so this product makes that so much easier as I don't have to carry loads of different products. Would highly recommend this to anyone with suffers from dry patches! (On a side note, I have oily skin on my face and I don't find this too heavy at all, however I don't know how this would react to makeup).
You can pick this up from most pharmacies.

Face Makeup:

Botanics Radiance Balm All Bright:
I cannot express how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I saw a post from Matte to Metallic on Facebook about this product and went straight to Boots to pick it up. They said it was a dupe for Mac's Strobe cream, I haven't tried that so I cannot comment on this. It was down to €3.99 from €7.99 when I went to Boots so I had to give it a go. I have tried this out under a few different foundations and it has worked with them all so far. As I said, I have oily skin on my face but this just gives me a gorgeous "lit from within" glow without adding to the oil. It is great for my early morning starts when I have to commute to college and my skin just needs that little pick me up. It can be worn alone or layered under other products. I tend to wear it instead of a primer (so after my moisturiser but before my foundation) and found that this works perfectly for me.
You can pick this up from Boots nationwide.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour with Comfort Serum Skin Perfecting Full Coverage Foundation:
I had this foundation years ago and never liked it, but when I saw it had been reformulated and everyone was raving about it I knew I had to give it another go, and boy am I glad I did!! I am lucky enough to not suffer from too many spots or blemishes, however I do have quick a lot of redness on my cheeks along with dark patches under my eyes :( so I love a foundation that just evens everything out. I have this in the shade 200 soft beige which is a good match when first applied, it does unfortunately oxidize slightly after a few hours so if I was to buy it again I would probably go a shade lighter. Other than that I love this foundation and would highly recommend it! I picked this up when it was half price in boots but I would have no problem paying full price for it!
You can pick this up from pharmacies and Penneys nationwide.

Sephora 10hr Wear Perfection Foundation:
I picked this foundation up in a set with the cheek trio I mention next and a mini buffing brush when I was in New York last September. I really wanted to try some things from Sephora's own range and thought that this would be a great start. I am so glad that I decided to get this as I love everything that came in the set! This foundation offers medium to full coverage as it is buildable. It doesn't cake or look heavy on the skin though which is always a bonus. It lasts well throughout the day and just helps me look more alive haha I have this in the shade 22 Clair Light.
Available in Sephora stores or sephora.com

Sephora Micro Smooth Baked Sculpting Trio in 01 Clair Light:
This trio was in the same kit as the above foundation. This is a great multi purpose check product that offers a blush, bronzer and highlight in one that can be used separately or swirled together for an all over glow. This product just gives me a fab sun-kissed colour and glow which I just love. It has great pigmentation, is not chalky and not too shimmery so you don't end up looking like a disco ball with large pores haha! Definitely a makeup bag staple!
Available in Sephora stores or sephora.com

Stila In The Know Eyeshadow Palette:
This palette was a complete impulse purchase when I spotted it in store last year but I am so happy I stumbled upon it! As you can see from the picture this palette is well loved and in serious need of a clean up :/ oops haha! This palette offers 10 matte neutral shades which are just stunning! There is enough shade range in this to allow very easy day to night looks. The orange shade "fire" gives a stunning pop of colour that is still soft enough to wear during the day - it is defo my fav colour out of this palette! My other top colours are "rain" and "smoke" (3rd and 4th from the left on the bottom row), these 2 colours offer a quick and easy soft smokey look.
I am not sure if this palette is still available but defo worth keeping an eye out for!

Eye Products:

Inglot Eyeliner Gel #90:
This matte brown shade is a makeup must have!! It is the perfect everyday colour for a winged liner that is not as harsh as black can sometimes be. I have also worn this in my brows when I wanted a really strong bold brow. My pot is starting to dry out so I am going to have to pick up a new one soon (and will be giving their black one a try too). This gel is highly pigmented and just so creamy! It dries quickly too so you don't have to worry about it smudging!
You can find this is Inglot stores or on their website.

Inglot Eye Makeup Base #01:
This is a nude coloured eyeshadow primer that preps the eyelid and helps brighten up the eye area. I use this pretty much everyday either under shadows to help prevent creasing or by itself to help make me look more awake!
You can find this is Inglot stores or on their website.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner in Moray:
I love this liner for a quick smudgy eye look. It is a deep forrest green shade with a gold fleck through it. It is soft, creamy and blendable which makes it perfect to smudge under the lower lash line and the outer corner of the top lash line. It is a twist up liner that doesn't require sharpening which is always a plus! Just be careful not to twist it up too far as it doesn't twist back down :(
You can find these from Stila stockists online or in stores.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal #005 Nude:
This liner is a godsend is you suffer from redness or darkness around the eyes as it cancels out the pigmentation and leaves you looking wide eyed and awake. Nude pencils are also not as harsh as white pencils which makes it perfect for everyday use. These liners are soft and creamy so they do not tug on the delicate waterline around the eye. Great budget beauty buy!
You can find these in pharmacies and Penneys nationwide.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Gel Cream Eyeshadow #35 On and On Bronze:
This was another product sitting in my makeup collection feeling very unloved :( when one day when I was in a rush I grabbed this and just swept it all over my eyelid, built it up on the outer corner and smudged it along the lower lash line - eh voila - instant bronzed smokey eye! I was hooked!! I started reaching for it a lot more after that! Strong pigmentation, long lasting and creamy! Have a couple more in my collection I will be playing around more with.
You can find these in pharmacies and Penneys nationwide.

Lip Products:

Sephora Kiss Me tinted lip balm #02 Cotton Candy:
This was a total impulse purchase when I was in the queue in Sephora and just couldn't resist this super cute lip product! From the colour to the packaging - I just had to have it! It leaves my lips soft and smooth and with a lovely pink flush. It is perfect for on the go as it does not require a mirror to help apply it! Would definitely love to try more colours from this line!
Available in Sephora stores or sephora.com

The next 3 products were my favourite nude lip combo for the month of February. They were all products I had received in various beauty boxes that lay unopened and unwanted in my makeup collection and when I was having a clear out I decided to give them a go all together.

Inika Certified Organic Lip Liner #01 Safari:
This gives a lovely natural base for any lippy that you apply over it. It is quite a warm tone so is lovely just to line the lips before topping it with a neutral lippie.

bellapierre cosmetics Lipstick in Catwalk:
This lippie has a pinkie peach tone to it that offers a neutral lip colour without looking like "concealer lip". Pigmented, creamy, non drying and easy to apply, really been enjoying this lipstick!

Beautiful Movement Cosmetics Beautiful Lips (No shade # or name on the tube):
This lipgloss tops the other 2 products perfectly and just finish the look off with some extra colour and shine. It is pigmented and non sticky which is always a bonus when you live in a windy area like I do (lipgloss + wind + hair = big mess) haha.

Beauty Tools:

Inglot 6ss blending brush:
This large fluffy brush is amazing for finishing off any eye look. It helps to blend all the shadows together and create a seamless look. I have also used just this brush to create soft smokey looks as it is perfect to place and blend the various shades. Would not be without this brush!
You can find this in Inglot stores and on their website.

Crown Brush C409 Angle Definer:
I picked this up at one of the beauty shows last year and had been using it for filling in my brows and wasn't that fussed with it really. Then when my usual gel liner brush was dirty I reached for this and I had an "ah ha moment" - it is small enough and angled enough to perfectly apply gel liner along the upper lash line!
You can pick this up from Crown Brush's website.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics E26 Crease Brush:
This was the first eye brush I tried from this brand. I received it in a beauty box last year and I have been obsessed with it ever since! It is my go to crease brush as it just blends shadows effortlessly and smoothly. I cannot wait to pick up some more brushes from this brand and see are they all as life changing as this one (over dramatics much haha but some beauty products can feel that amazing)!
you can find these on their website and some pharmacies.

Catrice Mattifying Oil Control Paper:
I love love LOVE blotting papers!! I never go anywhere without them even if I'm not wearing makeup! I Have tried various brands and they all perform pretty much the same. These ones from Catrice are inexpensive and come in a sturdy plastic dispenser so they won't get damaged in your makeup bag or handbag! I have oily skin on my face and find that after a few hours my makeup will start to slide slightly, especially on my nose so these are great for removing those oils and getting rid of the problem rather than adding more product and leaving the oils sitting on your skin! Yuck!! Of course you can still powder your face after using these, however I have found that I don't even need to as the papers have worked well enough on their own! Blotting paper is also perfect for days when you're not wearing makeup but just want to "freshen up" your skin with out having to go and wash it again!
You can find these in pharmacies and Penneys nationwide.

So that is it for my Feb Favs...... phew that was a long post! Probably should have eased myself back in to blogging with a shorter one haha Hope you guys enjoyed this post (those that made it to the end anyway :P ) and if you have any questions about the products mentioned just leave me a comment below!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer x