Thursday, June 16, 2011

Glamour Mag July 2011

Yes I am slightly late on this post....again lol but anyway.........
Anyone in the UK or Ireland would have seen that the July issue of Glamour mag had 3 free benefit goodies to choose from! High Beam, Benetint and Posietint. Each bottle contains 4ml / 0.13 US fl oz which is a pretty decent size considering how little of the products you use each time! The mag is £2 in the UK and around €2.97 (my local Easons) in Ireland! So less than a tenner for all 3, which of course I picked up! I own all 3 products already but decided to get these as back ups or for travel etc!

Glamour mag with all 3 available freebies

Close up of the 3 freebies Benetint Posietint and High Beam

Comparison of sizes:
- Left: full size Posietint 12.5ml / 0.42 US fl oz
- Centre: freebie Benetint 4ml / 0.13 US fl oz
- Right: mini High Beam that came in a Benefit kit 2.5ml / 0.08 US fl oz

Benetint swatched and blended

Posietint swatched and blended

High Beam swatched and blended

So if ye see Glamour still around I defo suggest ye pick up a copy or 3 lol especially in Ireland where a full size Benetint is €33.50 :S

Jennifer x

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A - Z of me

So I know I have been MIA for a while now but life has been petty hectic with work etc! :( I have loads of catching up to do on here so I'm hoping to have loads of lovely posts for ye all up soon!

So I have seen this TAG on loads of blogs lately and thought I would give it a go! lol So hope ye enjoy and if ye have any requests for future posts dont hesitate to ask!

Age: 22
Bed Size: King Size (have it for years and always thought it was a double until I got a new mattress lol
Chore you Hate: All of em! Mind you I am a neat freak but not a clean freak lol
Dogs: None, would love one tho! Have a 15 year old cat that thinks its a person haha
Essential start of your day: don't really have one
Favourite Colour: PINK!! everything from my bedroom carpet and part of my hair is pink....obsessed much o.O
Gold or Silver: depends on my mood!
Height: 5ft 2 but both my bros are over 6ft :/
Instruments I play: none :(
Job Title: Customer Advisor
Kids: Not any time soon hopefully!
Live: north west ireland
Mum's name: Caron
Nickname: Jen, Jeni or any play on my first and surname!
Pet Peeve: where do I start haha
Quote from a movie: "You lied to me by telling the truth....I must try that one" latest Pirates of the Caribbean (only one I could think of)
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: 2 bros, one older and one younger
Time you wake up: depends what I have to do
Underwear: Penneys La Senza and god knows where else haha
Vegetables you dislike: Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, cabbage leeks....etc etc
What makes you run late: Insomnia :(
X-rays you've had done: leg, ankle, arm, leg, chest, stomach etc etc My friends call me a medical mystery haha
Yummy food you make: I can't cook but I can bake!
Zoo animal: leopard or any big cat!

So I hope ye all enjoyed this random post! lol

Jennifer x